Colston – Who was he?

Edward Colston 1635 - 1721
Statue of Edward Colston.
Edward Colston’s bust Bristol City Museum

It’s often puzzled me that Colston’s name has been used so much in Bristol. If the Council can nail something in place long enough, they will invariably title it Colston something or other and it’s been going on for 300 years. The centre, the St Augustine’s Reach part of it anyway, is dominated by a 15-story concrete office block of Sixties design with COLSTON TOWER emblazoned in large red illuminated letters across the top. At night, the sign is on its own, no other signs come anywhere as close in size or effect. It dominates the centre and can be seen way across the city. Who is it that feels the need, in the 21st Century, to revere Colston so graphically and on such large scale? …And why?

Showing the 17 Story 'Colston Tower' before the removal of the name.
The seventeen story Colston Tower in Bristol, UK